The blog might be brand new and shiny, but our mission remains the same – to find the beast and cheapest breakfast in Warsaw. We’ve already checked over 20 different restaurants, but we still manage to find new breakfast options every month. So we’ll keep on checking them out until the restaurateurs decide enough is enough and raise prices. Let’s hope that never happens.

It’s been a while since our last post of this sort, so let me quickly remind what it’s all about – we are on the hunt for the best breakfast deals that restaurants have to offer. What it means is that we search for sets consisting of breakfast meal plus coffee. The price should not be higher than 20 złoty (around 5 euro) for the whole thing. We established a magic price of 16 złoty before, but after testing so many restaurants we’ve become a little fussy. We want something interesting so we’re willing to raise the price limit a bit. Be sure to check out our previous breakfast posts: 1, 2, 3, 4.


Kromki Bistro

We start this breakfast adventure in the district of Muranów in a recently opened Kromki bistro. Maria, who occasionaly writes for the blog, has her kitchen-studio in the same building and she’s the one who let us know about the brand new breakfast spot. And I’m really grateful for that. Kromki is an amazing place with cute interior, nice, helpful staff and really delicious food.What more can you want from life?



We went in a group of three so we were able to try 3 out of 4 breakfast options served at Kromki. We ordered their version of english breakfast (as we usually do), the green option which is a set of different vegetarian pastes and freshly baked bread, as well as a turkey sandwich. Homemade bread is what elevates their breakfasts! You seriously won’t want to stop eating it. We enjoyed all three meal, even though there was no beetroot in a sandwich and there were supposed to be beetroot slices in it. It didn’t really matter, it was that good. I highly recommend this place (and I want their chairs!).



Deal: Buy any coffee and you’ll get one of four breakfasts for 2 złote. The offer is available from monday to friday until 12 in the afternoon. On the weekends there’s a different brunch menu.

Rating: 8/10. Everything was delicious, but I would eat at least half of a portion more. Maybe it’s just to do with my not-so-healthy diet – I eat a huge breakfast so that I don’t have to worry about food until late afternoon.



All my friends always ask me if there are any restaurants where they can eat cheap breakfast on the weekend, since not everyone is a freelancer. There are. And I’ve already mentioned some of them in previous posts. But if you want more there’s always Banjaluka, which is quite special in the breakfast department. Here you won’t get any breakfast at all during the week. They open in the mornings ONLY on the weekends. Which makes it a perfect place to spend terrible mornings with killer hangovers. And that’s exactly what we did.



Again we wnet in a group of three. But this time we were so destroyed after previous night (grunge party in Bar Studio) that we actually ate four different meals. We started off with a turkish spin on pizza served with lamb, which was absolutely amazing! Just the right ratio of spice and freshness from veggies and lime juice. We ordered a vege option with a set of different vegetarian pastes and a salad with poached egg, which we liked, but we’d love it more if it was served with some bread. Otherwise we didn’t know how to eat the pastes. Another great choice was a sandwich with pulled pork. After all this food I died. I just stared at my green smoothie begging the gods to take the hangover away from me. Meanwhile girls decided to split the dessert. they ordered sweet pancakes served with cheese. Unfortunatelly they were a bit undercooked. But we would still recommend spending a saturday or sunday morning in Banjaluka.



Deal: The breakfast offer is available on weekends only. You pay for breakfast (all cost 15 złoty) and get a neverending refill of filtered coffee.

Rating: 9/10.The portions are big and the options are interesting. Which is important for us, after checking out over twenty different restaurants. We crave creativity, and you can definitely find it in Banjaluka.



I’ve been in Zorza many times before, but there was no breakfast offer. As soon as I found out that you can eat their delicious food for cheaper I invited Doris and Mięta to go along with me. From now on you can get any of their breakfast options for just 5 złoty if you buy a coffee. I decided to go for what I usually go for when I’m there – poached egg on brioche served with guacamole. What can I say, I’m a fan of poached eggs, ok? 😉 Doris chose the New York breakfast which is eggs benedict on toast. The portions are ideal for spliting in half so we did just that. But if you go there solo choose the brioche!



Mięta joined us a bit later and refused to eat bread in any shape or form. Turned out he was on some weird 5-day long diet. His lose. He went for pancakes with fresh fruit. Unfortunatelly they were not the best and undercooked. Again! Is there a ‘raw pancake’ trend going around Warsaw, that I’m unaware of?!



Deal: You pay for any coffee and get breakfast for 5 zloty (around 1 euro). The offer is not available on the weekends.

Rating: 8/10. I’m a fan of Zorza. I like the interior and the food. I used to come here quite often back when I lived in Powiśle district. Maybe now, that the food is cheaper I’ll come back more often. Just remember not to order pancakes. they’re not worth it.



The ‘breakfast outing’ is often times used as an excuse not to work, other times we make it an ‘out of home office’ kind of day. Ah, the life of freelancers! This time we had an article to write so we took the computers, the cables, the notebooks and went to Hygge restaurant on Belwederska street. We’ve never been there before, but I used to work in a cafe right across a street. Unfortunatelly the Hygge was not that hygge this time as the outside stairs, right next to the entrance, where being repaired. The sound of construction work is not exactly ideal soundtrack to thinking. The place itself seems nice, although the interior design doesn’t really have much to do with the whole hygge philosophy.



Well, the important thing is cheap food! This time we managed to pay less then the 16 złoty (4 euro) that we previously set as an upper limit. What I liked about their spin on the breakfast offer is that you don’t have to take coffee, but can order a juice instead. That’s perfect because, firstly it was hot as hell that day, and secondly I have no magnesium left inside my body after all the coffee I’ve been drinking during breakfast research. As far as the food goes, we ordered scrambled eggs with some extras as well as sausage with cheese and bacon. Both options were ok, but not really special. Again, after all the food we’ve already tried, we’re spoiled and need some innovation.



Deal: You pay for the food and can get a drink (coffee, tea or juice) for 4 złote (around 1 euro).

Rating: 6/10. To be honest it was meh. After eating at over 20 different restaurants I just know that it can be done better.


Here’s were the trouble starts. Well, not really. I just don’t know what to do with this one, since I didn’t get a discounted breakfast and this is what this post is all about. But the food was so good that I wouldn’t want to deprive you of it. Here’s the full story: it’s kind of similar to the situation we had at Matcha Tea House where the breakfast deal became a ‘victim of miscommunication’. I found out about the breakfast offer available at Future restaurant from the instagram profile called Jem w Wawie. The authors are on the hunt for any kind of food related deal, discount, interesting event in Warsaw so I check it out on regular basis. The breakfast offers come and go all the time, so every time I go somewhere I ask if it’s still available via social media. This time I asked too late and the restaurant didn’t have enough time to respond. So I went anyway. And I’m glad I did. Even though there was no offer. The waitress (who was really nice) informed us that indeed there was a discount, it’s not available right now, but probably wil be in the future. The future came really fast, as the next day the restaurant got back to me on Instagram with the information that the deal is available. Long story short, the food is so good that I decided to write about it anyway. If you’re interested in a discount just be sure to check beforehand if it’s still on. Maybe try calling them? That might be faster. But let’s get to the important stuff…


The food we got in Future restaurant was one of the best we tried this week. And it was so beautiful as well! As we already established, we’re mostly fans of eggs so we chose eggs-on-toast type of meals as always. The base was similar, but they were completely different when it comes to taste. However I wouldn’t be able to pick my favourite as they were both delicious. I will definitely come back to check out other breakfast options.


Deal: Theoretically, you pay for food and get coffee for free. In reality it might be different. Just be sure to ask the restaurant before going if the breakfast offer is available at that time.

Rating: 7/10. I would give 10 out of 10 if it was on offer!


Here’s a map of all places we visited this time: