Here we go again with yet another blog post about cheap breakfast options in Warsaw. It’s the sixth one but the statistics speak for itself – people want to know where to get their morning eggs and coffee half priced. The amazing thing is that after almost 40 visited restaurants (someone please count that!) we still have new spots to write about. Just take into consideration that in some of the places we described the breakfast offer is not permanent. The situation changes fast! In the first restaurant described in this blog post the deal changed three times from the moment we first visited it until now. So be sure to plan

Just to remind you, what we’re searching for and describing in these posts are breakfast offers and not just cheap food. What is a breakfast offer you ask? Well, according to our own definition it’s a set of breakfast and coffee. The price should not be higher than 20 złoty (around 5 euro) for the whole thing. Today you’ll read about one place where unfortunately we did not get the promised discount for coffe so we had to adjust their score. After all, all we want is for you to be satisfied with your breakfast experience.

In this edition of our ‘cheap breakfast series’ we visited 5 restaurnats in different parts of Warsaw (in the city center, Praga and Ochota district). Be sure to check out our previous blog posts for more breakfast recommendations scattered across the city. You can read the previous posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


Bella Napoli

That’s the restaurant I mentioned in the introduction, where the breakfast offer keeps on changing. We first tried their breakfast in May. Than there was the most typical kind of breakfast deal – if you buy a coffe you get breakfast for 1 zł (which is 1/4th of an Euro). Now it’s a bit different as the food is served in form of a ‘all you can eat’ buffet. You pay 12 złoty (3 euro) and get all the food you want plus a drink of your choice (coffee, tea, juice). When we first tried the buffet version of the breakfast the price was a bit lower so just be aware that it’s probably going to raise a bit again. Still it’s a really cheap options for all those who need more food in the morning.



Unfortunately the menu doesn’t change so we’ve eaten exactly the same food three times already. However I have to admit that the choice is great so we’re complaining just to complain about something. In Bella Napoli you can choose from rolled crepes served with spinach and tuna, sausages fried with onion, omlets, Caprese salad, ricotta cannoli, sweet yoghurt, fresh bread, vegetables, etc. The food is not out of this world but it’s good so we highly recommend this breakfast option as it is an unsual one.



Deal: All you can eat buffet with drinks (coffee, tea, juice) for 12 złoty (3 euro). The offer is available from monday to friday until 12 in the afternoon.

Rating: 7/10



Right next to it is another spot serving very cheap breakfasts. When I entered the restaurant I had flashbacks to my student years right away. No surprise here as Setka is a typical student bar located right next to the main campus of the University of Warsaw. My quality of life would be way different if someone came up with an idea of breakfast deals when I was studying there. Especially since the portions in Setka are enourmous! Seriously, the poor waitress looked as if the weigh of massive plates was about to break her arms. Well, that’s something to envy ‘the modern students’. Fortunately the entrance to student bars is not age restricted so we can enjoy cheap food years after we finished our education.



Breakfast in Setka is officially the new winner in the ‘cheapest’ category (until now the cheapest option was at Berek). From monday until friday you pay for the coffee of your choice and get any breakfast for a symbolic 1 gr (seriously in Euro it’s nothing, I can’t even be bothered to count that).  Espresso costs 6 złoty… Meaning you can get your breakfast & coffee set for as cheap as 6,01 złoty (around 1,5 euro!). On the weekends the situation is a little different – you pay 13 zł (around 3 euro) for a set of any coffee and any breakfast you want. Even then it’s one of the cheapest breakfast options in Warsaw.

They serve breakfast from 9 until 12 in the afternoon everyday.



Deal: On weekdays: pay for coffee and get any breakfast for 1 gr. On weekends: a set of coffee and breakfast of your choice costs 13 zł (3 euro).

Rating: 7/10


Aioli Bread & Aperitivo

Again, you don’t have to go far to get yet another cheap breakfast, this one is located just a few streets away from the two spots described above. Aioli is a popular chain of restaurants that started this whole ‘cheap coffe and breakfast’ trend in the first places. However, this particular place is quite new and I’ve not been there before. I’m always hesitatant when it comes to Aioli. The food they serve can be really good on some days and absolutely terrible on others. Plus the long queue of people trying to get there for breakfast every day successfully discourages me from going there in the mornings. Why are those people there? Don’t they read our blog?! Don’t they know there are literally tens of restaurants in Warsaw who have exactly the same kind of breakfast deal?! That’s why It took me a few months to force myself to check out the new spot on Chmielna street. And you know what? There was no queue! Uff!


The breakfast options in Aioli are really interesting and delicious, on the condition that they don’t arrive at the table cold as a penguin in Antarctica. Fortunately, in the new place there aren’t quite as much customers. Or maybe the staff is better. The important thing is that the food arrived warm, delicious and exactly as it should be. We decided on two eggs on toast options – one with ricotta and guacamole and another one a bit more classic, with salmon. The portions are great and the food looks and tastes good. The interior of the new restaurant seems more cozy and inviting as well. We left satisfied and decided that we’ll visit again soon.


Deal: Weekdays: pay for coffee and get any breakfast for 1 zł; Weekends: pay for breakfast and get any coffee for 1 gr. On the weekends you can also order a glass of prossecco to get with your breakfast fir as little as 5 zł (around 1 euro).

Rating: 8/10


Boska Włoska

We came across Boska Włoska restaurant completely by accident when we were on our way to the Museum of Polish Vodka in Praga district. When I see the magic words ‘breakfast and coffee on offer’ my head turns automatically. This whole blogging thing clearly messed with my head 😉 It was exactly like that this time. I saw the information written on the door and decided as soon as we finish our tour in the museum. When we entered I did make sure to ask the waiter if we’re not too late and can still get the discounted breakfast. I got the affirmative answer. Great! We sit down and order a shakshuka (I’m a huge fan of a way in which this dish is served!) as well as eggs Florentine. It was not the best food I ever had in my life but it was definitely tasty.



The only problem was when it came to paying the bill. It turned out we didn’t get the discount even though we did make sure it’s available. Bummer. We left to meet up with our friends. That was the funny part. When they asked where we’ve been for breakfast and we mentioned Boska Włoska, their first reaction was: ‘Oh yeah, their food is good. Did you manage to get the discount? Cause we didn’t.’ Whaaat? Why would you even bother to print out the information posters and add the information about the offer to your menu online if you’re not going to respect it?

Deal: The offer is hypothetical. No one has ever seen it. But in the menu posted on their Facebook page they claim that coffee is free with your breakfast. It’s said to be available on the weekends. I’ll believe when I see it.

Rating: 5/10 The food is good but I can’t rate an offer that doesn’t exist.


Och Cafe

The last restaurant in this blog post is Och Cafe located in the theater (Och Teatr) in Ochota district. I must admit that I’ve never been to this theater before so I had no idea there’s a cafe, let alone a breakfast offer. Hopefully it kept on being recommended to me in Instagram sponsored posts and that’s how I found out about it. We went in a group of 6 people as soon as they opened so that later on whoever does have a normal job can go to the office without being late.


The best thing about Och Cafe is a cozy garden hidden behind the building. Sitting under the trees is what I consider to be a perfect morning. There are a few of classic breakfast options to choose from. I secretly hoped someone would order scrambled eggs with chanterelles. I hate the consistency of scrambled eggs but I love chanterelles so I wanted to steal some 😉 Well, my friends saw right through me and they all went for Croque Madame or fried eggs with bacon. The food was good and ‘homely’. Och Cafe is not about fancy dining and trendy ideas it’s about ‘normal food’ that you can make yourself at home.


Deal: Pay for breakfast and get any coffee for 1 gr. The offer is available on weekdays as well as on the weekends.

Rating: 6/10.We need something more after tasting 40 different breakfasts on the town but we recommend this spot to the locals for a quick, cheap and easy meal in the morning.

That’s it for today! But don’t worry we’ll come back with more cheap breakfast options sooner than you thinks as this time we did a double research and have another blog post almost ready. As always at the end you’ll find a Google map of all the restaurants mentioned in this blog post.