Here we go with yet another installment of the “Where to get cheap breakfast and coffee in Warsaw?” series. Can you believe it’s the 8th one already? As always, I’ve checked out 5 different spots where they have sets of breakfast and coffee on offer and described them for you. This time the majority of them is only available on the weekends and some things have changed since my visit to the restaurants, but they’re all still relatively cheap.

If it’s your first experience with my blog posts about breakfast deals in Warsaw, be sure to check out the previous posts listed here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. There are some rules and definitions that we settled on when looking for restaurants to visit. I don’t think it’s really necessary to explain everything again, since it’s the eight post already.



Cafe Mozaika

Let’s startwith a place that’s been around for over 60 years, but where the breakfast deal is a new addition to the menu. Mozaika in Mokotów district is a legendary restaurant, that recently underwent renovation to become more modern. The menu was changed as well and new breakfast option were added. But I have to explain something before we get into the food. Research for this blog post started over a month ago, as I don’t usually have that much time in the morning on weekdays, so there was a different (better) kind of deal available in Mozaika on the day of my visit. Despite it being more expensive now, I would still recommend you to check it out as it was really delicious.



When we visited Mozaika, we only paid 5 zlotys (a bit over 1 euro)  for our breakfast, plus the price of coffee. Now, on the restaurant page, I found information that from Monday to Friday you will pay the normal price for breakfast but you will get free coffee, cocoa or tea. Unfortunately, it is not as cheap, because their breakfasts are not cheap (the ones we chose cost over  20 zł, which is 5 euro). Perhaps it’s better to go on the weekend when there’s a different kind of deal in the form of buffet. Just be sure to go on Saturday, because for reasons unknown to humanity, breakfast set costs  25 zł per person on Saturday, and on Sunday it’s PLN 40 zł per person. In any case, I recommend that you do try the Mosaic breakfasts, even if they are not as cheap as they were. We left absolutely delighted with what we ate there.

Deal: It’s not so cheap anymore. Monday to Friday you’ll get a free coffe, cocoa or teas with your brekafast. There’s a buffet on the weekends.

Rating: 9/10




Another spot I checked out this month was Rabarbar hidden in Powiśle district. In this tiny place, decorated in a trendy tropical style, you will get free coffee with your breakfast from Monday to Friday. However, the range of prices of different breakfast ioptions is vast. You can eat a beetroot hummus sandwich for PLN 12 or a vegan szakshuka for PLN 16, but you can also go crazy and order huevos rancheros bowl for PLN 21 or shakshouka with lamb sausages for PLN 24. The deluxe shakshouka is definitely worth it though, the bowl not so much. Most of its contents are sered cold, and it won’t really fill you up. It does look good though. Oh,  and remember to not hurry up when coming to Rabarbar for breakfast. They open at 9, but the cook comes later, so it will be safer if you arrive around 10 o’clock.

Deal: Buy any breakfast and get coffee for free. Available from Monday to Friday.

Rating: 8/10




Now it’s time for a bit of a mystery. Sofra is the first restaurant I visited when doing research for this blog post. It was two months ago. I’ve got photos, I remember what I ate, from my own Instagram post I gathered that I paid 15 zł for a set of breakfast and coffee. So what’s the problem? Well, I have no idea how I got there, meaning I don’t know how I found out about their breakfast deal so I can’t really use this info as a source. Their website doesn’t work (I can’t remember if it ever did), they don’t have a menu or any information about the offer of their Facebook page, I don’t have a printscreen on my phone either (and that’s how I usually gather all the information about places I need to write about). Because of his I have no idea what the deal was about (whether coffee was for free or breakfast costed 1 zł with coffee) and I don’t really know if it’s still available.



What I can tell you for sure is what I experienced. The restaurant is way bigger than I thought and there was no one around in the morning, except for us, so it’s a perfect spot for a business meeting or working in peace and quiet. Food was really tasty, although the fried eggs I got did not fill me. I was still hungry when I left and needed to fuel up on donuts in MOD. What my friend ordered was a way better option – baked eggs were delicious, the portion was bigger and it was an interesting, oiginal breakfast that you don’t usually get.

Deal: I don’t remember 😉 I do know that I paid 15 złoty (3,5 euro) for my breakfast+coffee set.

Rating: 7/10




Warszawski Mostek

There were already a few blogger failures today, so now it’s time for the winner of this blog post. When I checked out the Facebook profile of the Warszawski Mostek, I did not expect that I would eat something so good there. Better yet on offer. From Monday to Friday you will get a breakfast of your choice for just 1 złoty if you buy coffee and on weekends it’s the other way round (coffee costs 1 złoty when you buy breakfast). I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, but most importantly to meat-lovers, as this is their specialty. We tried their breakfast bagels in three versions, with chicken, turkey and pastrami. The first two were fine, but the pastrami bagel steals the show! So if you’re carnivorous, do not hesitate twice and order a delicious pastrami sandwich for breakfast.

Deal: From Monday to Friday you will get a breakfast of your choice for just 1 złoty if you buy coffee. On the weekends it’s the other way round – pay for breakfast and get coffee for 1 złoty.

Rating: 9/10




Waffle Bar

Today’s breakfast expedition ends in Ochota district, in a restaurant which I visited a few times when I needed a sweet feast rather than a savoury breakfast but it turns out that they have both! The breakfast deal is not spectacular here, but it also applies on weekends. For a set of coffee and breakfast (any breakfast on their menu) you will pay 20 PLN. If you don’t want any coffee the food itself will cost you 17 PLN. There are a lot of interesting breakfast options here that I have not tried in other places. You will get pancakes, bagels, eggs, sweet and savoury options, there’s also something for vegans. What we really wanted to try was the seasonal Buddha Breakfast, but it was not available (what would this post be without another failure!), so we finally decided on pancakes. I went for the American version with bacon and fried egg topped with maple syrup. My vegetaian friend went for the Swedish option served with mushrooms and a creamy sauce. Both versions were okay, and portions were so big that lunch was not necessary that day.

Deal: A set of any breakfast+coffee costs 20 złoty (4 euro). Available everyday, also on the weekends.

Rating: 7/10


Okay, that’s it for today, but don’t worry I’ve already started my research for the next breakfast post. Hopefully this time I can get it done faster. Be sure to let me know if you check out any of the restaurants I mentioned. As always I live you with a map of all the spots I visited.