As it usually is in life, as soon as I find out about a cool new spot that opens in Warsaw and think to myself that I need to write a blog post about it before everyone is aware it exists, all of a sudden I’ve got 168 things to do for work. That’s exactly what happened in this case. From the moment I first saw that Eden Bistro has opened and told my friends that we need to check it out ASAP until the moment we actually did go there a whole month has passed. We went there to celebrate my birthday. And you know when my birthday was? A month ago! So here’s a not so fresh review of a place that once was new. Maybe there’s a slight possibility that you don’t know about it. And if you don’t, you need to. This place is magic.

We finally managed to visit Eden Bistro on a hot summer evening. We were sweaty AF, in constant need of hydration and without much appetite since it was one of those days when it’s too hot to eat anything. What better can you do on such a day than to sit down in a heated greenhouse and order everything off the menu?! 😉 I decided I want to throw my birthday dinner in this greenhouse as soon as I saw it for the first time. Nothing was going to stop me, not even a heatwave that left half a Europe begging for air conditioning.

Ok, so what you know by now is that Eden bistro is quite new (let’s leave it at that and not come back to this topic;)) and has an insanely beautiful greenhouse. What you might also want to know is that the restaurant is located in Saska Kępa district inWarsaw, in a cute detached house where a popular Dom Funkcjonalny restaurant used to be. Now let’s answer a question: who is this restaurant for?


For the vegans

Here’s a life hack: when it’s too hot to eat, eat vegan. I wouldn’t eat a steak in 35 degree weather, but a laksa with sea backthorn is a different story. In Eden Bistro all the food is light and plant-based. The menu is not too long, but there’s still plenty to chose from. And there’re some interesting ingredient combos that I have not come across before.



I have to admit that I tend to end up in vegan restaurants quite often. I’m not vegan myself but I have plenty vegan friends and I enjoy plant-based cuisine a lot. What I do not like about vegan restaurants is that they often try to be something they’re not. I will never get the point of calling vegan dishes something ‘meaty’ like ‘cauliflower steak’ or something. Why?! It’s not a steak and that’s a good thing. If I wanted a steak I would get a steak. Simple as that. Well, the good thing is that in Eden Bistro they don’t do that. They don’t do ‘pretend food’. Their tacos with grilled oyster mushrooms are just that – ‘tacos with gilled oyster mushrooms’. Not ‘tacos al pastor’ or whatever. I respect that. Especially since those particular tacos really do taste like the meaty version that I remember from Mexico. So they could call it ‘meat’ but they didn’t.  Thank god for that.

So what about the quality of the food they serve? Well, I’m not exaggerating when I say that Eden Bistro is the best vegan restaurant that I’ve ever been to. Seriously. Their slightly spicy fries served with truffles are bomb, exactly like their called. The laksa soup, I mentioned before is aromatic and perfectly seasoned. And their tacos are just amazing. We tried both versions, with avocado tempura as well as the mushroom ones. Both have some interesting ingredients inside such as hibiscus powder or pinto beans. I enjoy trying new things and Eden is definitely a place to check out if you’re looking for an unexpected culinary experience.



The only thing we didn’t enjoy as much was grilled corn seviche served with tortilla crisps. It’s not that it was bad. None of the meals in Eden Bistro are bad. We just enjoyed other dishes more. But be sure to order their lavender lemonade. It’s a game changer.


For the Instagrammers

When I was editing photos for this blog post I was joking that in Eden Bistro photographs take themselves. It doesn’t matter what camera you have, if you know how to take pictures or what food you ordered. All of the photos will be amazing. That’s beacuse the restaurant is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and it’s planned with care for the smallest details from interior design, through amazing looking meals, to cuttlery and plates. No surprise here, the people running Eden Bistro are the ones responsible for Usta Magazine which is published quarterly. If you ever flicked through this magazine you know that good taste runs through their system.



The most breathtaking part of the design is definitely the greenhouse. I don’t know whether it will be open in the colder months as well but autumn from behind the glass might be even more beautiful than summer. It probably won’t work in the winter since it’s difficult to eat when your fingers are stiff from the cold, but from what I’ve seen they’re working on this problem. They’re renovating the inside of the house right now, so that we’ll have a warm cozy space to spend our winter in. I have no doubt that the inside will be as beautiful as the garden and I can’t wait to see it.


For the millenial plant lovers

Recently there has been a ‘plant parent bingo’ board circulating the Instagram. It shows just how much the Millenials love their plants. You can mark on it, which trendy plants and botanical devices are already in your carefully designed homestead. Good news! If you miss something, there is a huge chance that you will find it in the Eden’s greenhouse. Even better news is that you can buy it there and take it home with you. I must admit that I’m a bad Millenial and I do not have anything from the list. So either I have to sign over to another generation or to go shopping at Eden. I am afraid that the second option is more than possible.



For the people

Ok, here’s the deal, all those headlines indicating who Eden Bistro is aimed at, are part of my own blogging experiment. I’m just checking who will read the text till the end, and who will comment offended after reading only the first paragraph. Of cource Eden Bistro is not just for vegan folks.  There were no vegans in our eight-person group. But it absolutely did not stop us from enjoying the delicious food. There were no Instagramers either. I’m the only one carrying the heave camera around everywhere I go. My conclusion is simple: Eden Bistro is the place for everyone. For people. And I think that you can smuggle in your pet without any problems as well. So, no excuses! Just book a table and come for an amazing feast!



I suspect that the Eden Bistro team, who are avid plant lovers, experts in trends and food will bet set on seasonality. They should surprise us with the new autumn menu soon. I hope. I’m very much looking forward to it. Maybe this is not a place for a every day meal, but the prices are not too high, in my opinion, for the quality and creativity of the dishes served in Eden Bistro. Once in a while, it is certainly worth
splurging on such a feast. So see you in the greenhouse!