I have to admit, recently I was suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. I did not write anything for weeks. Finally I’m coming back to my blog routine. Who knows, maybe the only thing I needed to get me started was good food. So today’s blog post is just about that – really good vegetarian meals served in Falla restaurant. It’s one of those places that I discovered recently, that quickly made my ‘favourites list’. It’s one of those that I like to come back to.

Somehow recently all of my favourite foodie spots are vegan or vegetarian. I didn’t plan it like that, I’m not changing my diet either. Maybe it’s just that they’re trying harder and making a long lasting impression. In recent months it has become my ritual to go to Shuk for a vegetarian weekend brunch, to Vegan Ramen Shop for a warm, filling soup, to Eden Bistro when I have something to celebrate and feel like having a feast, finally to Falla when I just want a quick, delicious lunch. I regret this place did not exist when I was a student at the University of Warsaw. It’s located just around the corner! Today’s students have it way better!

Something new every season

In Falla you can find some Middle Eastern classics such as hummus, wraps and mezze plates as well as some interesting fusion options, unusual pairings and trendy ingredients. Plus you won’t ever get bored as they change their menu seasonaly. I did have an opportunity to try their fresh and light summer menu filled with bao options and cold soups. It was delicious and that’s when I first got to try jackfruit. I’m a big fan now. But I’m a bigger fan of their current menu, based around autumn fruit and vegg, as well as more intense, smoky taste that makes you think of a bonfire.


If you’re looking for a quick lunch option go for one of the wraps. They very in taste, ingredients and prices. The cheapest one is only 16 złoty (4 euro) and the portion is really big. If you want something more interesting for for their seasonal tacos. Ican’t really be objective as tacos are definitely my favourite meal ever, but Mięta confirms that taco with smoky plum sauce is unreal! The taste is intense and original and the consistency makes you think you’re eating slow cooked shredded meat at it’s finest. Just be aware that the portion is not as big if you go for tacos. You get two different ones in a set plus some nachos and a sauce. If you want something seasonal but bigger, go for a burger. It tastes really good with one of many hot sauces available in Falla.

Sriracha taste test

One interesting thing characteristic for Falla, that I have not seen anywhere else, is the abundance of Sriracha sauce. I did not know there are so many variations. Be sure to ask a person at a table next to yours to tell what kind does she have. It’s worth exchanging and trying them all. Gotta catch them all, just like Pokemons 😉 My favourite one is definitely the green one. It makes me want to go to an Asian shop and buy a bottle to try and recreate the taste of Falla’s meals at home. But knowing me, I’m too lazy for that, so I’ll just keep coming back to Falla instead.

I have no idea about the interior design of Falla. I can’t tell you anything about how the restaurant looks as I’m always sat at the same table outside. I just know that the food is really beautiful. They do care about how the stuff they serve looks like. And it always makes the blogger’s job easier 😉 Although restraining yourself from devouring the whole thing, before you manage to take a picture is always a challenge!


What we thought

I think it’s worth visiting Falla on Obozowa street to try interesting plant-based cuisine. I really enjoy all Middle Eastern food (it might be my favourite cuisine, even better than Mexican), but I really like the fusion options as well. The food they serve at Falla is always well-seasoned, the ingredient combinations are unusual, the staff is nice and the portions are enough to make you last aa day. Be sure to go and visit them quick, before they change the menu for the winter one. The tacos are worth everything! I’m leaving you with a visual proof of what they did to my face 😉