Grunt i Woda has been one of our favourite summer spots for a few years now. They keep changing, expanding and they do it exactly like it should be done. This year they decided to open a brand new restaurant on thei rooftop. Food and prices are a bit more pricey than downstairs, but it’s definitely worth trying.

There was food in Grunt i Woda before, but not this kind of food.Last year they were selling sandwiches and cakes, as I recall later a barbecue stand was opened right next to them as well. They made an experiment with weekend brunches as well, but I’ve never tried them, as I thought it was just a bit too expensive (I prefer to spend 30 złoty in The Cool Cat and eat weird fabulous Asian fusion food than healthy salads, sorry ;)). This year there are wo food options in Grunt i Woda. Downstairs you can buy streetfood such as french fries or foccacia. But I was way more interested in what they make upstairs in a restaurant, so here’s the review of that.


Their ravioli is black and makes me want to come back!

The person responsible for the menu in Grunt i Woda restaurant is Anna Klajmon, a participant of one of many editions of Top Chef. I don’t really know what she was up to after the show, but what I know is that her menu is really good. There’s something for vegetarians and quite some options for those who eat meat. We decided to try a meat and a sea food option to have a good base to make up our minds about the restaurant.


It was a really hot day and we did just devour an entire box of black coconut icecream by Syrenka so we weren’t really hungry. We only ordered two mains and two big strawberry lemonades. I think it’s important to mention that. I did not feel hungry after my main, but I think I could feel otherwise if it wasn’t for the bucket of icecream. Just to be sure maybe consider ordering some starter as well? There’re three different ones to choose from and they did seem pretty appetizing.

As for the mains, we chose black ravioli with sea food which was served with lots of butter. I really enjoyed the filling. It made the whole plate more “fresh”. The other thing we went for was beef served with mash potatoes and aspragus. A classic dish but a well made one. We like both of them but if I were to chose, I guess the meat option had a bit more flavour.

The prices in the restaurant are higher than downstairs but I would still classify them as ‘in the middle’. We paid about 100 złoty (25 euro) for two mains and two lemonades. Let’s be honest, if you’re a tourist in Poland you’ll probably consider it cheap.


What’s the weather like today?

One thing to keep in mind when planning a visit to Grunt i Woda is that it’s an open-air restaurant. Giant umbrellas will save you from getting sunburnt, but they won’t be enought to stop the rain. That’s why it’s best to keep checking their Facebook page where they post updates on whether they’re open that day or not. Theoretically the restaurant is open thursday through sunday but it all depends on weather conditions so be sure to check beforehand.



I’m glad that a ‘real restaurant’ opened on the river bank. There’s lots of street food options, and I’m all for that, but when you spend all your weekends at Nocny Market, you sometimes just want something different than fries or taccos. Plus Grunt i Woda is a great place overall to come and chill, sunbathe, drink beer or take part in one of many events and workshops that they organize downstairs.