When it’s warm everyone in Warsaw uses every second of it to stay outside whenever possible. Those are the days foodies gather around Vistula banks looking for newly opened foodtrucks or in popular Nocny Market. Well, now it’s autumn so all food enthusiasts had to move indoors. Ourselves included. So where to find us on a cold friday night? The answer is easy – Hala Koszyki is the place.

The newly renovated hall was opened last year. The original building was built from 1906 to 1908. Nowadays it serves as a meeting and shopping space, it hosts several restaurants, cafes and various shops. I’ve heard a lot about this place before I finally got to visit it. Most of the opinions were not flattering as it usually is when it comes to places considered “hipster famous”. I decided to see for myself.

Hala Koszyki


I enjoyed my visit in Hala Koszyki even before I came inside. The place is so aestethically pleasing! Neon sign (mentioned before in a post about Warsaw Neon Museum) and bright lights shining on the building create magical, cozy atmosphere and you just want to be there. In winter time it looks Christmasy and cute and during summer makes you want to sit outside and admire the beautiful building.

The first thing you notice after you enter is the noise. In the evening Hala Koszyki is packed with people and full of life. But don’t worry, if you prefer to eat and contemplate industrial architecture in peace and quiet, you can just come during the day. There will be hardly anyone there. In the middle of the tall two-storey hall there’s a bar. People gather around it while bartenders prepare various drinks or just pour the beer.

Hala Koszyki

What I like about this place are the tables located in the middle part of the building. You can order from any food stall and then sit in a common space which allows you to sit with friends even if anyone is in the mood for something else. No more “tacos or mezze” fights. Finally!

Hala Koszyki

If you prefer to eat in a more private enviroment there’s something for you as well. Some of the restaurants have their own space as well with tables separeted from the main hall. There waiter service is included so it will be more of a restaurant type of experience instead of self-service street food experience.

It’s worth going upstairs to look at the place from a different perspective. It will allow you to appreciate the architecture of a renovated hall in all it’s glory. You’ll find some more stores and tables up there as well as a photo gallery and a yoga studio. Something for everyone!

In the mood for food

There are many different cuisines available to try in Hala Koszyki. Some of the food stalls you may already know from Nocny Market or food trucks that drive around the city, while others are completely new. There’s something for those who love Mexican tacos, delicious treats for sushi lover, German wurst, some Indian, some Thai and pasta for all the Italians at heart. There’s definitely enough to make you come back. I cannot help myself and I order tacos from Gringo Bar. Delicious! Now time for dessert. Italian gelato is just what I need. There are so many flavours that I can’t make up my mind, so I end up buying three different ones.

Hala Koszyki

But there’s even more food! Not only can you order and eat on site, you can also buy and take delicious treats home. There are various delis such as Crazy Butcher where you can buy amazing meat and prepare your own steakes at home, bio products are available in Smak Natury shop, and if you’re not sure what to do with all that you can go to Matras bookshop and look for inspiration in one of the cook books on sale.

Hala Koszyki

Hala Koszyki

In conclusion

Hala Koszyki is a great meeting place. There’s enough space for big groups of friends so it’s a perfect spot to fuel on food before going out drinking. I’m glad they didn’t demolish the old market hall to build another skyscraper in it’s place. Hala Koszyki is a place with history and character.

Hala Koszyki

I’ve heard many people complaining about high prices, long queues and too many hipsters on one square meter. Well, the place is trendy so it must be crowdy. I believe in terms of restaurants the more people you see eating the better the food. At least in most cases. As far as the prices go, in my opinion they’re as high as in case of Nocny Market or food trucks next to the river. That’s life. Restaurateurs assume the people of Warsaw can afford to pay the Western prices. Well, one day maybe we will be. For now we can spare some polish złoty from time to time.


[Where] ul. Koszykowa 63 Warszawa

[When] Mon-Sat 9.00 -21.00, Sun 9.00 – 20.00, some restaurants open until 1 at night, ĆMA restaurant is open 24/7

[How much] Prices vary depending on a restaurant, they’re a bit above average.