For quite some time now we’ve been enjoying spending cold winter evenings in various escape rooms. We don’t know each other yet so it might be TMI, but we enjoy being closed in small rooms. One might call it a fetish 😉 We tried different types of escape rooms: crime-oriented, cosmic, completely electronic, mathematical, science-based even those based on famous movies and tv shows. But we never decided to close ourselves inside a dark room with monsters, ghosts and demons. Well there’s a first time for everything.

Horror House is a hybrid of haunted house experience and an escape room and it’s totally hardcore. It located in one of the tenement houses in Warsaw Old Town and it’s actually quite difficult to find. Here puzzles and riddles are just an addition. The real point of coming here is to get scared shitless. Our mission is to not get caught by terrifying bogeymen hidden around the room. We need to get through the entire thing and not die, basically 😉

Act one – gathering the crew

We decided to visit Horror House on Halloween. We gathered enough friends to have two groups. The first one was 6 people, which is the maximum that is allowed to enter at once, the second one was just 3 people. And they don’t remember this experience as a pleasant one. Balmas gave up before it even started by simply refusing to go in. We haven’t heard from her since 😉 So we turned up at the address, ready for everything. Or so we thought.

Act two – preparing to enter hell

After you enter Horror House you need to sign some papers. Basically you promise not to hurt the “monsters” or destroy props, you also renounce of the right to sue the company in case you die of heart attack 😉 Then you are asked to leave any phones, torches, pocket knives or any other tools that might proof useful when fighting with monsters. In return you get on torch that an entire group have to share. This makes the experience truly terrifying as you barely see anything at all times.

Act three – the phase of heart attack

Then we finally entered the scary basement. The whole experience is intensified mostly by the darkness and sudden movements that are carefully arranged in order to make you jump. The space is tiny and packed with heartbeat-raising ‘attractions’. Once you enter the world of monsters everything can happen. You’ll see some new and some well-known bogeymen. One of them is Samara known from “The Ring”. The whole thing lasts just 15 minutes but it’s enough to get you on the edge. You are not allowed to run, but you can’t help yourself once you stand face to face with monsters from the worst nightmares. It’s quite extreme to be honest.

There were moments when we could not hear anything except for our quick and heavy breathing. Some of us even thought about quitting the game before it ended. But we persevered. And we’re proud AF. After we left adrenaline kept hitting us for quite some time still. Everything ended. The only thought running through our brains then was ‘Why so quick?! Let’s do it again!’.

In conclusion

Horror House definitely fits in a category of extreme experiences. We highly recommend trying it yourself. It’s scary but definitely worth it. It’s a great way to spend 20 PLN. And there’s no better time to do it than Halloween!

[When] Tuesday to Sunday, 12.00-20.00

[Where] Wąski Dunaj 12/18, Warsaw

[How much] The price varies according to the size of a group. For current prices best check their website: