One of my favorite places in Warsaw is located in Mokotów on Puławska Street. Królikarnia is a classical palace from the late 18th century, which owes its name from rabbits hunting in the past. Of course, there are no rabbits here anymore, but there is a sculpture museum named after Xawery Dunikowski. But it’s not a museum, it makes me love Królikarnia so much.

I visit the exhibitions also, for example, I recently visited the “Mothers of originals”, where casting molds were presented. By the way, I saw the archival kaiserpanorama, which I strongly recommend to everyone.



In Królikarnia, two unique series of events are organized. The first one is “Słuchy”. Although in this case I do not know if I can talk about the cycle, because I saw this event only once. Night concerts, when Królikarnia turns into a kind of tourist hostel, filled with sleeping mats and sleeping bags. Artists strolling in the dimness of rooms and dreams, which in these circumstances are not the typical ones.

The second event, which I did not reach last time, and I managed to visit this year is Brzask (Dawn). And although some people could not believe it, these are places where concerts start at 4:20 in the morning and where most people come straight from the party. Due to my age and, consequently, limited strength and faith in my own abilities, I decided to start the party just before midnight. At 4:00 a.m. in a great mood we took off with Zbiegieni over the Vistula river and after 30 minutes of cycling we were in Królikarnia, where we met a lot of familiar faces. Two hours of music, which can be called experimental, and the next two when we were dozing on blankets. Beautiful ending of Saturday or start of Sunday. As someone prefers. I am not going to write anything more, because I am not able to show even a piece of atmosphere of that kind of concerts. It is definitely something that is worth living. And you have the last opportunity in this year to go to Brzask on August 12th. I hope to see you in Królikarnia. And if 4:00 in the morning is too early for you, you might be interested in “Classically on the grass” series which start at midday. It is quite crowded on them, but I recommend to spend also the Sunday afternoon in Królikarnia.