We’ve been enthusiasts of different types of pub quizes for quite some time now, but finally there’s one that we can recommend to our english speaking readers. Plus this one is even cooler than the regular pub quizes as it’s all about music, movies and tv shows – all of our favourite things.

The popcultural quiz is organised regularly by an organisation called Warsaw Social. They’re a cool bunch of people whose mission is to help integrate the iternationals with the locals in Warsaw. They organize some really cool events and activities for all the english speaking folks in Warsaw. We’ll definitely check out their other events but music and movies are what we care about most in life so we went as soon as we heard about the quiz.


Do something cool! In english.

The first thing you need to now is that pub quizes are not the only activities organized by Warsaw Social, although there’s a variety of them: popculture, travel, general knowledge – whatever you want. There are some events inside (you can play Mafia, chess, poker or put together a jigsaw puzzle), and some outside (urban exploring, rugby, etc.). Or you can just come, drink beer and talk to people. Maybe you’ll meet some new friends. In the end that’s the whole purpose. Plus the guys from Warsaw social encourage to come even if you don’t have anyone to take with you.

Competitive spirit

Here the rules of pub quiz: it’s in english, you play in a group of 4 to 6 people, write down the answers on a piece of paper and are not allowed to cheat (I mean that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing). The entrance fee is 5 złoty (1 euro) which will be used for the price for the winners. There are 60 different questions. Some of them are musical, where you hear few seconds of a song and have to guess the title, some require you to know the lyrics, others are screenshots of movies and tv shows or pictures of celebrities. The most difficult category for us was the one based more on gossip and celebrities’ personal life. We have no idea who is whose wife and what Marilyn Manson did before he started performing, so that set us back a bit. In the end we didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun.

Hard Rock Cafe

Quiz takes place regularly and it is always at Hard Rock Cafe in the center of Warsaw. And our only problem was with the restaurant staff. One waited, to be exact. Warsaw Social warned in their Facebook event that there might not be enough space for everyone so it’s best to come earlier. And we did exactly that. Unfortunately as it was our first time we didn’t know where the quiz takes place. We asked the waiter and sat down in the main room. Ordered beer and some food. We became suspicious when it was 5 minutes til the start and there was no one else around us. Only then did we find a little room in the back, right next to the bar (downstairs). Hopefully we managed to get a seat and take part in the quiz, but it did require some tabel moving and chair hunting. At this point the waiter started to be unpleasent, to put it mildly. He had a problem with us moving, with bringing beer, with us paying. We didn’t understand what his problem was. After a minute someone else from teh staff come over, smoothed the situation, gave us drinks for free and got rid of the problematic waiter. So i t all turned out fine in the end and we were able to play.


The next edition of music and movie pub quiz will take place on 20th of May. We’ll try to be there. Maybe this time will do better. Hopefuly we’ll see you all there!