When it comes to this restaurant I need to limit myself. I allow myslef to visit maximum once a month because I don’t want to get fed up with this flavour ever! But to be honest, I’m not sure if there will be a time when I will not want to eat this super food. Every time I’m there, I’m excited as much as the first time and I’m eating till the end, even when I don’t have enough space for the food. This is pure gluttony!


The first time I visited Raj w Niebie was by coincident. I’ve heard a lot about this place but I never really checked it out. We had a table in the first hall near the entrance, but this part is not as pretty and inviting, o I wasn’t thrilled,  and still I prefer to sit in the second room. In the second hall you can find a lot of flowers, flamingos, and  amazing high ceiling. The interior itself makes me feel good and I love sitting there. But this post is not about the interior of this place. Oh no! Raj w Niebie will feed you food that will take you to paradise. And that’s the name of the place Raj w Niebie – Paradise in Heaven.


Bowl full of flavours

Raj w Niebie serves dishes influenced by Hawaiian cuisine which I didn’t have opportunity to try anywhere in Warsaw before. I didn’t really know what can we expect from this exotic cuisine.

First I’ve ordered a bowl with tuna tartare. While I’m waiting for it I’m drinking mango-passion fruit lemonade and thinking what it will belike. What kind of flavours Hawaiian cuisine will surprise me with.



In front of me lands a bowl which I immidiately want to eat with my eyes. A lot of colours and ingredients. What do we have here?! Kale, marinated ginger, alges, mango, cucumber and of course fresh tuna tartar. I pour sauce on it and I’m ready to eat. After one bite I already know that for a very long time I haven’t eaten anything that good. Mmmmmm – I think to myself as I put a second bite into my mouth.

I’m mixing flavours and combining ingredients, and after a while I discover that under all those vegetables there is rice hidden. Om nom nom. So this is not only delicious and fresh but really filling as well.

This is so good that the next day I’m here again and this time I take my friend Sebastian with me, telling him that he needs to eat this because he never had something like this in his mouth.

What more?

You can choose bowls with different ingredients  – salmon tartare, turkey or tofu. Every time the bowl will consist of different vegetables and additions.  Every time a new surprise. Sauces are different as well. Dishes are very fresh and light, so if you feel like eating something refreshing, light but at the same time very nutritious this is exactly it. The bowls are perfect as a summer lunch because when the heat is annoying you don’t want to eat heavy food.

Lately Raj w NIebie  changed their menu a little bit, they added some new dishes. I haven’t tried any of those yet, but I’m definitely tempted.

I will for sure go there for breakfast as well. Maybe this is not the cheapest breakfast you can have in Warsaw, but I think I will not be disappointed.

There’s a great lunch deal as well – order any bowl, soup or main dish and you will get a dessert of your choice for 1 zloty only.


And after dark…

Raj w Niebie is not only a restaurant. In the evenings it changes into a music club and a trendy bar. You can come in for a wild night on a dancefloor or a concert. Above the restaurant you will find another place – Piekło nad Niebem (Hell above Heaven) where they serve drinks and snacks. In the summer time you can sit outside in the small garden where for sure eating those deliciousness will be even better.

I recommend you Raj w Niebie very very very much, because this place never disappointed me. I think I can go as far as to claim that it’s one of my top 5 spots in Warsaw.  I’ve taken a few of my friends there and all of them were impressed.


And don’t forget to try tuna tartar bowl. I don’t eat anything else there anymore. It’s just heavenly.