Every few weeks myself and my friend Łukasz meet up in one of the restaurants on our ‘to visit’ list and eat more than we should. This time it was his suggestion to try russian cuisine. After quick research on the internet we decided that the best place to do that is Skamiejka in Praga district in Warsaw. So we went, we ate and here’s what we thought.

Skamiejka is located on a recently renovated Ząbkowska street in Praga district. It’s a great spot for a restaurant so it might get crowded on the weekends. When I looked at the menu I knew straight away that I want to eat EVERYTHING. Actually that’s how I usually feel when I look at menus, so no surprise here. I should have four stomachs, like a cow 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I am able to eat quite a lot, but I still didn’t manage to try everything on the menu in Skamiejka. Oh well, I will just have to come back.

The interior design of the restaurant is cozy. It is made in such a way that you feel like you’re in someone’s home. It feels warm, homely and just nice. You can sit on a cozy couch or an armchair. There’s tons of small decor elements and pillows everywhere. On warmer days you can also sit at one of the tables outside, from where you can watch tourists and inhabitants of Praga just living their lives 😉


This, this and maybe that as well

To make sure we try as many russian delicacies as possible, we share our food, as per usual. We start off with a herring served with charlock. Next is a simple soup called Solanka. After that it’s tie for the dumplings – wareniki filled with buckwheat and cottage cheese, followed by pielmieni. All of that food is accompanied by a drink called kvass, made of rye bread. As an addition to every order you’ll get a basket of fresh bread and some russian mustard.

When we place our order, the waitress asks if we had been here before. We admit that it’s our first visit. Then she procedes to explain every meal to us, the way we’re supposed to eat it, how it is served and so on. She warns us which mustard is really hot and we should only add a tiny bit of it, explains that we should add cream, served separately, to our soup, instructs us to dip pielmieni in vinegar or to spread mustard over it, if we prefer. I really liked their approach. The visit in Skamiejka is both, delicious and informative.


I particularly enjoyed the herring and the way they serve it here. I will definitely come back to try other versions of it, as there are several on the menu. Solanka soup was really good as well. It is served with pieces of pickled cucumbers, capars and olives. Unusual pairing that somehow seems to work perfectly! I’d encourage you to try a bit of soup on it’s own, to really taste the flavour, but then be sure to add the cream, just like the waitress instructs you to. It changes the taste completely. I think this soup would be a perfect cure for a hangover. It’s filling and sour.


Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings!

I love dumplings. In ever shape or form. We tried two different types of them in Skamiejka. I enjoyed both of them, altough I prefer the ones with meat. Be sure to dip every dumpling in vinegar. It makes the flavour ten times more intense. Delicious! Wareniki filled with buckwheat and cottage cheede are amazing when eaten with spicy mustard. You will definitely fill the spice in your nostrils 😉

I did hope to try the dessert which in Skamiejka is bliny, a type of pancake served with sweet cottage cheese. However after all the food we ate I simply was full. I will have to come back for it another time. Plus I didn’t manage to try every meal I wanted to, so I’m planning on coming back as soon as possible. High on my ‘must eat’ list are Ucha, which are served in Skamiejka only on the weekends (friday to sunday).


The atmosphere

My experience in Skamiejka was really pleasant. I Enjoyed the homely, welcoming atmosphere of the place. The staff is very helpful and nice. Even paying the bill is a cool experience as you get it inside a Matryoshka doll, which you have to separate to get to the bill. A great way to finish a truly russian experience. I highly recommend visiting Skamiejka restaurant. How about a walk on the streets of Praga district? You can be a tourist for a day and then have a great lunch or dinner in Skamiejka. I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed!