This year we’ve had quite a lot of hot summer days so far. Of course there’re some miserable rainy days, but mostly the heatwave is going strong. We’re aware that winter is still coming for us, and so we try to use every sunny day to the max. And what’s a better way to spend the summer than in the nature, chilling in the hammock beneath the trees. Think it’s impossible in the city? Think again!

In this blog post we share with you 10 of our favourite summer spots in Warsaw. They’re different kindd of places in different neighbourhoods, but what they have in common is that they’re open-air and so they only exist for a few months every year. Be sure to check them out before they close for the winter. And definitely share with us your favourite summer spots, we’re always on the hunt for new ones!


Pokój na lato

This is the spot we keep coming to on a regular basis because it’s the closest one to where we live. There isn’t another open-air bar in Wola district that is as cool as pretty and as ideal to chill out at. Plus it’s a great place to start an evening before moving on to Nocny Market, a street food market located nearby. At Pokój na lato rhey have some craft beers that we haven’t seen anywhere else, they have great atmospehere, lots of greenery and quite a lot of space. They also organize concerts of more or less famous people, we enjoy coming over on friday evenings and wind down listening to live performances of bossa nova or jazz. Favourite spot? Egg-shaped wooden swings!



Grunt i Woda

Grunt i Woda is a bar next to Vistula river where we’ve spent most time last summer. We’ve been there almost every days using their shaded space as our summer office (freelancer’s life is good sometimes!). We also took part in a few of the travel related events their organised during which we talked about our travels to Mongolia, Spitsbergen and Norway. This year we check out their newest addition – a restaurant on a rooftop, which we have already written a blog post about. We have ended some intense evenings involving alcohol in here as well so it’s a very versatile place 😉



Grunt i Woda is the only summer bar on river bank that we mention here? Why? Because they’re doing it right. The place looks good, there’s lots of space, there are different events, workshops and concerts every week, there’s food and good coffee, and there’re toilets that we’re less affraid to touch than in other ‘river bars’. Plus we love their green wall with a neon!


Pardon, to tu

We loved the original location of Pardon, to tu and we’re gutted that it dissapeared from ‘cultural map of the city’ a few years ago. Fortunately the guys from Pardon bring this one of a kind place back to life during the summer.  Their temporary summer spot is located in mokotów district, right next to Nowym Teatr. The space is great for chilling out. It’s outside, beneath the trees, it’s quiet, there’s great foccacia and there are amazing people. But the most important thing about Pardon, to tu are the concerts of artists from around the world. There’s no other place in Warsaw where you could go see the performance of Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force. I’ll definitely be there, dancing next to the stage 😉


Zoo Market

We’ve also found a cool and unconventional spot in Praga district. Across the street from the Zoo there’s Zoo Market hidden in one of the gates. It’s open solely on the weekends. Once a month there’s a huge shopping market happening, with lots of different sellers offering vinyls, books, clothers, jewelery and all kinds of handicraft. During the rest of the weekends there’s open-air cinema, techno-chillout zone, a bar and sunbeds. Great place to meet with friends, and not many people know it exists.


MOSIR Poranki i Wieczory

This next spot I found completely by accident when I was going to the pier where ferry across Vistula river stops. I don’t remember if there was a restaurant last year (I threw my birthday party on a beach right next to it), but this year it caught my eye because of trendy design and fresh flowers which looked really good with green trees in the background. Beacches on the right side of the river are more wild with lots of greenery and the wooden building in which Poranki i Wieczory restaurant/bar is situated fits great into the landscape. They have an interesting menu (I id not their food yet, but plan to do so) and amazing ice-cold strawberry lemonade that saves lives when the temperature outside rises.


Nocny Market

I’ve already mentioned this onne, plus we have an entire blog post about Nocny Market (Night Market) on the blog already, so be sure to check it our HERE. But one cannot write about summer spots in Warsaw and not mention the most popular meeting spot of locals and tourists. This street food market is always crowded, there’s always music and lots and lots of food. It’s oen from thursday until sunday this season and the vendors change weekly so you’ll never get bored with the selection of food. People seem to have a love/hate relationship wioth Nocny Market. We definitely really enjoy coming here and stuffing our faces with delicious dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world.


Bez Słowa

This one is a hidden treasure. My friends who live nearby told me about it few weeks ago. They were walking around their neighbourhood looking for a quiet place where they can escape the city and enjoy a drink. Luckily they found this place. It’s right next to one of the main roads but somehow it’s really quiet. There used to be other brs and grill spots in here throughout the years (Doris remembers them since she grew up few streets away) but this is the first one with really enjoyable atmosphere. You can lay in hammock beneath the trees or sit and look at a swamp (it doesn’t sound picturesque, but trust me, it is). It’s hard to believe it’s in the middle of a capital city!


Służewski Dom Kultury

There’s a modern wooden building in the middle of the park in Służew district. You might wonder what it is and what happens there. Well, that’s a culture center where every one can come and take part in various events, drink coffee in a small cafe inside, take a look at what’s shown in a gallery that changes exhibitions regularly, try to climb a boulder wall in the back of the building, look at animals that they keep in here during the summer or help in communal garden. The possibilities are endless. Personally I just enjoy sitting on wooden stairs and talking with friends or use the vast open space in the park to play sports.



Osiedle Jazdów

I’ve mentioned this green treasure hidden in the city center before, when I wrote about events and exhibitions happening this summer in Warsaw. Jazdów is a small neighbourhood of wooden houses in a park. It’s located in the center of Warsaw, yet not everyone knows it exists. Many different things are hppening there. Some of the houses are normal residential houses, others are cultural centers when exhibitions, concerts, movie screenings and varrious workshops take place, there’s also a communal garden, a ‘home of urban bees’ and many many more amazing things. Plus there’s great atmosphere, friendly people and just a lot of space to enjoy a warm summer day whether you just want to walk around or participate in cultural events.



The last place that I’m going to mention in this blog post is called just that – Miejsce, meaning ‘the place’. It’s literally located on the water. It’s a barge off the beaten track. I recommend visiting this place when you get tired of the more popular bars and restaurants on the river bank. This one is not far, in Port Czerniakowski, yet it’s way more chilled out and quiet. There’s really good food, two bars, a wakepark right next to it (but to be honest I wouldn’t be brave enough to go into the water here), lots of space inside, if it’s cold or raining, a normal toilet (which is a blessing when it comes to bars on the river bank) and a great outside area. When I used to live nearby I spent entire days working on my laptop, drinking coffee and just watching people performing tricks on the wakeboard. Highly recommend!


That’s it for this blog post. There are many other spots, but those are the ones I enjoy most. If you know anything else I should know, please let me know in the comment! I’m always on a hunt for new, ‘undiscovered’ places!