Here’s the deal: I’m still working on my research for the next ‘Best Cocktail Bars in Warsaw’ blog post, but it might not happen for a while. Why? Because I’ve found a new spot that went straigt on my “Top 10” list and now I don’t feel like going drinking anywhere else. Plus there’s an amazing happy hours offer on all the cocktails, so I wouldn’t deprive you of pleasure of drinking there. Let’s just all go to Wozownia! Especially since the discounts and offers tend to dissapear as fast as they appeared.

Alcoholic beverages are not within the range of your interests? That’s fine as well. At Wozownia, a bar and a restaurant hidden in a backyard of one of the tenement houses located at Plac Trzech Krzyży, there’s great food as well. You can grab breakfast or lunch at Wozownia, order a variation of their grilled house specialty or a piece of yummy chocolate cake with violet icing. I’ve been to Wozownia for the first time last summer, when they were serving gin and tonics with a bunch of herbs and flowers. At least it was my first visit at this location. Before it was called Bar Koszyki  and was located in Hala Koszyki before it was renovated.



Take a look inside a gate!

Since my summer visit a lot has changed. Wozownia keeps improving. The interior of a 200 year old coach house was renovated and is now very on-trend (but it’s not snobbish). The colourful neon (similar to the Rolling Stones logo) has been added inside a gate as a signpost, guiding a way into the bar. A temporary heated area has been added as well, so that there’s more seating area when it’s impossible to sit in the garden. In the summertime there are tables outside, surrounded by herbs and plants.


What’s important, you can spend an entire day at Wozownia. They open as early as 8 o’clock and they start serving breakfast right away. I’ve not yet tried their breakfast options, as I’m constantly on a lookout for breakfast deals, and they don’t have one at Wozownia. However the menu and the pictures online look very encouraging, so I’m sure I’ll spend one of the mornings in Wozownia sooner or later. Once you’re finished with your breakfast, you can move on to lunch. Who’s going to stop you?! For only 24 złote (6 euro) you’ll get a lunch set consisitng of soup, grilled meal of your choice (the same as on the regular menu but the portion is smaller), a dessert and a beverage. That’s a good deal if I’ve ever seen one.



I could eat a squid!

As far as food goes, at Wozownia they specialise in grilled dishes. You can choose one of four option: cauliflower seasoned with middle-eastern spices, squid (calamari), herring with caper mayonnaise or chicken with sesame. Of course, as a professional, I tried all of them. I’m not going to make the decision easy for you, as every single one of them was delicious. That being said, I tend to go for calamari the most (can you tell I go there often?). All grilled foods are served with amazing homemade bread. And what I like the most is the possibility to choose whether you want a bigger or a smaller portion. The bigger one is twice as big as the smaller one and is served with a salad. The smaller one is not so small, to be honest, so in my opinion the best way to go about it is to order smaller versions of different things, that way you can try many different dishes.



Btw, the pictures were taken in the summer when the kitchen and the bar was not ready. Right now they serve it a bit differently, and it looks more like a traditional sandwich.


Cocktails cheaper than beer

Now, that you’re for sure full with all the food, let’s get down to business and discuss what you’ve really came here for – the alcohol. At the impressive red bar in Wozownia you can get an even more impressive happy hours offer. From monday to friday between 4 and 8 p.m. you can drink some really great cocktails for really small amount of money. If you order a drink, a beer or a prosecco, you’ll get a second identical one for free. What does that mean? It means that you can get the cocktails from the menu for as cheap as 6,5 zł (1,5 euro), the most expensive one will cost you 11 złoty (2,5 euro). WTF?! Give me more gin! If I were to recommend you one cocktail You can also order classic cocktails that are not on the menu. If I were to recommend you one cocktail it would be Lawenda na Miodzie, wich is Beefeater gin with lavender, honey and lemon. Delicious!



What’s the overall conclusion of this blog post? If you’re looking for me, I’m probably drinking at Wozownia. And I highly recommend you do the same. Especially since I don’t know whether the happy hours offer will be here forever. Better quick than sorry. And if, after all those cocktails, you don’t feel like going home, stay and have fun at one of the parties that they host here on most weekends. Have fun!