Hi there! We’re the Adventure Seekers – a group of bloggers from Warsaw, Poland. We cover a variety of different topics and we reach an audience with wide range of interests. We write about travel, extreme adventures, sports, various activities and culinary experiences in Warsaw as well as around the world.

We have an engaged audience on various platforms: on our blog, Facebook profile, Instagram and Youtube channel. Our website and social media channels are constantly growing. We create content based on different types of media: text, photography and video, including drone footage, as we have a licensed drone operator in our midst. Check out our photography & video portfolio! The majority of our content is in polish, but we work hard to gain more recognition among english-speaking audience.

In the past we worked with different companies to test their products and present it to our audience. We tested variety of services, equipment and places based in Poland. We tested camping equipment from Decathlon, visited Pinball Station, several escape rooms, Ale Zebra Entertainment Center, culinary school The Plate, and many more.

Whether you’re a new business looking to get exposure to an adventurous audience or an established brand looking for photography, video or written content, we would love to work with you.

Want to work with us? Contact us via email at: or simply DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

Walk In The Sky

In the past we partnered with Walk in the Sky, Warsaw based company offering extreme experiences. We tried walking down the skyscraper in the city center and covered it on our blog and on social media platforms. We created a promotional video for Halloween for them and shared it on our Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel. Now we’re working on a joined adventure - a jump from one of the bridges in Warsaw.


Decathlon - We worked with polish division of Decathlon on two different projects so far. First of all, we partnered on a sport tournament - open ping pong “Wariat” championship. Many Warsaw residents joined us to fight for the title of polish champion. We also partnered with Decathlon Polska on our trip to Spitsbergen. We tested some of their camping equipment on the northernmost camp site in the world. We covered our expedition in several blog posts as well as in social media.