I’ve been to The Cool Cat restaurant in Powiśle district several times. I first went there to check out what the chef is up to, whom I knew from the polish edition of Top Chef. I remember that he got kicked off the show in the first episode. Well, now he seem to be doing fine.

 I’ve eaten there in the mornings and I’ve tried their dinner menu. I’ve been there for drinks and I’ve been to their brand new spot in the city center. Spoiler alert: Everything I tried was delicious! The mere fact that I’ve been to The Cool Cat many times means it’s a really good place. And it’s the one that I tend to recommend to people. When I tried to think of places where I come back time and time again I didn’t come up with many. In fact I can count them on one hand.

If you know me personally, or are up to date with our Instagram and Facebook page, you’ll know that I’m in restaurants, bars and pubs constantly. I talk about them, I take pictures, I’m always in search of new blog content. There are always new places opening, new things appear on the menu, new food trucks come to town. So I don’t really tend to visit places multiple times unless I really really like them. The ones that I do come back to are: Cuda na Kiju where I go almost every monday for a pub quiz and a pizza, Artezan where they organize another pub quiz, recently I stumbled upon Worek Kości, a place with amazing atmosphere and even better events. But the only spots I come back to for food are La Sirena and The Cool Cat.



“The Best Breakfast in the World”

– What would you say if you were to describe the weekend breakfast set in The Cool Cat? – I asked Maria, sat in her catering company, while she prepared cakes for the next delivery – The one with pandan crepes? – she asked. I nodded. – Well, than I guess “the best breakfast in the world”.  – I’m not going to argue with than. Pandan crepes are worth living for. Ang getting up in the morning hungover AF.

We always come for The Cool Cat’s delicious breakfast on the weekends. We spend weekdays searching for cheap breakfast options around the city. Plus weekends is when you can order the breakfast sets (they’re not available during the week) and those are our favourites. You can choose from three different sets: the Meditteranean, the Mexican and the Asian. The last one is definitely my favourite. ANd it’s the one where you get a delicious green pandan crepe. It costs 30 złoty but you do get quite a portion. It’s served in many small bowls and plates so it’s like a little breakfast picnic that you can mix as you wish.



Is a whole crab the best hangover cure?

The Cool Cat is not just about breakfast. Visit them during the day for some interesting asian fusion. They like to experiment, they have their distinct style and recipies that the internet is talking about (i.e. a doughnut served with matcha icecream and the best thing in the world – miso caramel), they’re not afraid to go in a trendy but exciting direction determined by David Chang. I mean, just try their bao with deep fried whole soft shell crab. Amazing!



I would describe the food served in The Cool Cat as extravagant soul food that cures hangover. Remeber my words when you lose the will to live after an intense night out. Go to The Cool Cat and order K-fries. You’ll be fine. I think the fries were actually my favourite thing. They’re served with bulgogi beef, tons of cilantro, kimchi and spicy pepper to help you sweat out the alcohol 😉 Another great thing for those hard days is chef’s burger. The portion is decent, the meat relly good and well seasoned.



The only thing we didn’t like as much was bao with tofu. In comparison with rest of the dishes it was just a little bland. Or maybe it was not my day to be vegetarian. I was not a fan of their coctails either. I tried four different ones but they were a bit too sweet for my taste.  However that’s a problem that can easily be solved by ordering classic drinks.


A new chapter

Few weeks ago a brand new Cool Cat restaurant was opened. It’s located in the city center, right next to the theater on Marszałkowska street (Teatr Rozmaitości). I remember the restaurant that was here before. I’ve been there only once but that wasn’t the best dining experience of my life. I did think to myself that it’s a shame such a cool spot is not used the way it should be. There’s quite a lot of space, but the best thing is the outdoor sitting area next to a beautiful green wall covered with ivy. Now, I’m glad to say, the space is used the way it was meant to and I really enjoyed eating there.



We visited The Cool Cat TR on a sunday morning craving some delicious food. It was a perfect start to Sunday Funday. I did want to order one of the weekend breakfast sets, but it turned out they’re not served in the new restaurant. Well, that might actually be a good thing – at least I had to try something else. We were in a group so we tried three different breakfast options.



We went for a classic breakfast with scrambled eggs, ham, some veggies and fresh bread. We also tried shakshuka which is one of my favourite breakfast meals ever. My friends were not so keen on sweet bread that the shakshuka was served it. I’m not sure I believe them though, since I’ve seen them eating gingerbread with dry sausage, when we were travelling in Estonia a few months back. But the definite winner was the colourful bowl. Inside there was a variety of different ingredients: beautiful pink hummus made with an addition of beetroot, pickled carrot, quinoa, avocado and poached egg dyed with turmeric which turned it sunny yellow. Delicious!



Don’t miss out!

The Cool Cat keeps on changing and growing, but it’s going in a right direction. They’ve opened the second restaurant, they do catering, they even had a stand at Nocny Market last year. Somehow they keep doing everything right. Unlike some other restaurants in Warsaw, they don’t raise prices, lower the quality and use their popularity to attract new guests. They know how to run a successful business. That’s why I keep coming back and reccommend them to all my friends. And now you, the blog readers 😉