At the beginning of this year, I found out that in place of the restaurant Solec 44, which was closed at the end of December 2017, the all-season Grunt i Woda spot will appear. The rudimentary information created a picture of a place that perfectly matches the current trends. Because I assume, that not only my instagram is full of banana plants, cacti, epiphytes and so on. Yup. Nature returns to the interior and we return to nature. Or at least it seems so. Anyway, creating restaurant which such a beautiful name seems to be a hit.

Solec 44

I think that this address does not need to be introduced to anyone. The restaurant created by Aleksander Baron, for seven years tried to present completely new version of the native polish cuisine. Although, I have to admit that I was in Solec at about three times and I remember board games, penises in the menu and sliding toilet doors. Ignorant, but what to do. Nevertheless, I was very surprised that Solec 44 disappeared from the culinary map of Warsaw. What was the reason? Officialy new chalenges and projects. Although there was no concept for this place in my opinion.

Let’s go to the forest

In the local attraction of the capital, because this is how LAS is presented, we had pleasure to appear at the unofficial opening, which took place on August 8th. At 7 p.m., we slowly climbed the stairs and that’s how we stood under the elegant signboard. After taking few photos we received glasses with a beautiful edible pine cone at the bottom and we went inside. As you would expect the first thing we saw were plants. A lot of them. But not only. Cozy velour couches, beautiful, custom made metal shelves and wooden tables. When it comes to décor, everything goes well.

But when we are next to the tables…

Most of dishes were also in the menu. So we decided to try everything. My favorites are beef tartare, smoked trout and homemade ham. I respect that. And in the garden there is also a smoking machine, so the respect is greater. In the vege option we had a choice of tomato tartar, a very good paste of dried tomatoes, sunflower and pumpkin or salad with pearl barley. Interestingly, there were more fish dishes than, for example, mushrooms, which I would expect. All the proposal prepared by the chef, Anna Klajmon, fell to our taste. We also appreciate delicate forest accents, such as edible bark as a part of the tartar. We also saw the menu, and we expected… higher prices. You need to check it on your own, but for example side dishes starts from 14 pln. When it comes to drinks, in addition to the mentioned drink with a pine cone, this evening we hat the opportunity to try white and red wine, two drinks, a pink lady – sweet, maybe even to sweet for me, variation about gin and second one, sesame street with brown rum. And craft beer, which in my opinion is the weakest part of the menu. Browar Hopium is definitely not my favorite one. I tried three different kind of beers and, sorry but no.

Local Tourist Attraction

People from Grunt i Woda make the best parties on the left side of Vistula River. That is the fact. So I am sure that also in LAS there will be a lot of attractions. We had a foretaste at the opening with nice live music. Our legs led us to the dance floor. Although it was very pleasant to sit in refreshed garden, where from time to time, the forest silence was gently, without a violent rush, interrupted by trains. It was very pleasant to watch them. Especially after dark. I expect that the forest garden will become one of my favorite places in Warsaw. The more so because it is a place created and leads by great people. I am sure that LAS and (as my favorite manager Ola Osiecka said), the tastes of childhood with a forest twist will please you. See you in the forest.