It’s been just a week since the last ‘breakfast-centric’ blog post and yet here’s another one! What can I say? I like me some food in the morning. And. from what I can tell. you like it as well. Just to be clear: we’re not writing a blog just about breakfasts. We do have other passions in life. They’re just overshadowed by our love for food and coffee.

Ok, I’ve only just written ‘the rules’ of breakfast deals, but just to remind you: it’s a set of breakfast and coffee. The price should not be higher than 20 złoty (around 5 euro) for the whole thing. Saying that, there’s one restaurant described in this blog post that does not aply to this set of rules. Still, I wanted to include it as it serves breakfast on the weekends and this is what you’ve been asking me about the most. Spoiler alert: there are also some breakfasts mentioned in this blog post that we DO NOT recommend you. They were way below average and we definitely won’t be coming back for more. Before you get to reading be sure to check out our previous breakfast posts. Overall we’ve described over 40 different restaurants serving cheap breakfast and coffee so it should keep you occupied for quite some time. You can read them all here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.



Let’s start this week’s breakfast journey in Praga district. Getting there was an adventure in itself. For me at least. I live on the opposite part of the town so I had to travel for an hour and a half to get there. But it was worth it. the food in Drukarnia is fantastic. And they have some original options that I have not come across anywhere else. I got venison sausages baked with cheese served with poached eggs. My friends ordered poached eggs with bacon, mustard sauce and veggies served on fresh bread. Both meals were absolutely delicious. We couldn’t stop ourselves and we shared a savoury donut with salmon as well. It’s not that we were hungry. The portions in Drukarnia are enough to get you fuelled for the day. We’re just greedy and can’t pass on an oportunity to try something new.


They introduced the breakfast deal in Drukarnia once before, about a year ago, but then it disappeared. That’s why we advise you to go there as soon as possible. Especialy if you leave nearby. In that case you’ve got no excuse. The food is really good, the staff is nice and the place itself looks great. Plus you won’t spend much. When you order coffee you get any breakfast for just 2 zł (50 cents). This deal does not include the dvoury donuts. But we suggest you get one anyway 😉


Deal: Pay for coffee and get any breakfast for 2 złote (0,5 euro). The offer is available from monday to friday between 8 and 10 a.m.

Rating: 9/10



Ok, now let’s sit at the table, which is what ‘Stół’ means in polish. It’s one of the breakfast spots that Maria found. She works nearby and is always on the lookout for something good to eat. That’s how we came across Kromki Bistro which is now one of our favourite spots for bussiness meetings. So now we move one street further and on Nowolipki street there’s Stół and 30 meters away… is another restaurant that we’ll write about in this blog post. Stół is the place to go to if you’re looking for breakfast classics. There’s oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and so on. But there are also some more intriguing option which is what we always prefer. This time we went for fried eggs with tomatoes and toasts with poached eggs served on asparagus. Delicious!


In Stół you get a free cup of filtered coffee (black or white). For other types of coffee you’ll have to pay extra. The place is cool, the location is amazing, the food is really good. The only problem in Stół is the staff. We found it a bit difficult to order as they were occupied with everything else and we couldn’t really get across the point, as they kept talking to each other in Ukrainian. Finally we managed to order and pay. We sat down. My breakfast arrived after 20 minutes. My friend only got a reassurance that hers is ont he way. After five minutes we decided that it’s best that I start eating mine before it gets cold. I hate eating when not everyone at the table got their food. I finished my food. My friend still haven’t gotten hers. After another 15 minutes she goes up to the counter to remind them about her order. After another 15 she finally gets her food. I mean… the food they serve is good but not good enough to wait an hour for it.


Deal: Free filtered coffee if you order any brekafast. The offer is abailable on the weekends as well!

Rating: 6/10


Magnat Bistro

Let’s keep going. 30 meters away from Stół there’s a brand new restaurant called Bistro Magnat. And this one is unfortunately the breakfast failure that I mentioned in the introduction. It’ located in a great space where we used to come to learn how to cook. Previously there was a culinary studio in here. Well, there’s no high quality food anymore. They serve cheap, ‘homely’ meals. I guess their most popular thing will be lunch as it’s really cheap. However after eating their breakfast, personaly I’d be afraid to try their lunches to be frank.


In Bistro Magnat you pay for the breakfast and get any coffee for free. Unfortunately neither their food nor coffee is something I’d like to put in my mouth ever again.Mięta didn’t have it as bad. He ordered scrambled eggs and his verdict was: “ok, nothing special, I’ve had better”. But I guess it’s hard to f*ck up scrambled eggs, isn’t it? Me and Maria, however, cannot say that the food we got served was ‘ok’. It was terrible. And looked pretty disgusting as well. We ordered poached egg on toast and got just that only in it’s cheapest, tastless version, served with some kind of sauce which had the consistency of water. Hopefully their lunches are better than that. But I will not recommend their brekfast to anyone. It’s better to go to Stół and wait for an hour. I left the place hungry and angry. So just ‘hangry’ I guess.


Deal: Order any breakfast and get a coffee for free. I don’t know if the offer is available on weekends. But I wouldn’t recommend you going there on any day of the week.

Rating: 4/10


El Botellon

Ok, so this one is a bit controversial as it breaks the rules that I created myself. So in El Botellon there’s no breakfast offer that would fit my definition, meaning there’s no set of food and coffee. Instead there’s really good food and every breakfast option costs only 10 złoty (2,5 euro). The problme is that you have to pay extra for coffee and, to be honest, it’s quite expensive in there. I’m writing about it anyway since they sell cheap breakfast on the weekend and that’s all that everyone keeps asking me about. There’re just not enough cheap weekend breakfast options so this one will have to do this time. Anyway, I recommend you go to El Botellon because the food is great, their breakfasts are quite original, the staff is nice and the portions are like they should be.

We went there in a bigger group so we were able to taste a few different breakfasts. We ordered hangover breakfast which consists of sweet potato fries served with fried eggs. I must admit this one is the best one they have, but I’m a fries lover so that opinion was to be expected. We tried scrambled eggs with chorizo and grilled tomato served with a huge piece of fresh bread as well as poached eggs on toast served with cottage cheese. Everything was really delicious! Just don’t pay attention to little ‘surprises’ in the english version of the menu. I guess, the person who was translating it was a bit high. If you’re wondering what the hell are goat’s eggs, don’t worry, your school education did not fail you, goats’s do not lay eggs, those are just poached eggs. So where did the goat come from? No one knows.


Deal: Every breakfast meal is 10 złoty (2,5 euro), but there’s no coffee included, you have to pay extra for that. Available ONLY on the weekends.

Rating: 8/10



The last spot we visited is Za’atar. We expected great things but it turned out to be a bit of a failure as well. However it was not as catastrophical as in Magnat Bistro. In here some people have it worse than others. Depending on what you order. Personaly, I was not as dissapointed as my friends, however I did not leave happy. And I definitely didn’t leave full. As soon as we left, we went for cake and coffee to fight the hunger. The deal in here is available from 11 a.m. so it’s a late breakfast for sure. You pay for food and get a tea for free.


So, what’s the problem? The first thing is the size of the portions. They’re tiny. Another thing is the quality. I ordered halloumi toasts and they were a joke. The halloumi was cut so thin that it was see-through. You couldn’t taste it at all. But the weirdest part is that it was served with a sweet jam. And it was a jam made of roses, so it’s a controversial one, most people I know hate this taste. I don’t mind it so I wasn’t as devastated as my friends who ended up scrapping it completely off their toasts. The toasts are two slices of store-bought artificial bread. They’re served with three slices of tomato and arugula that has seen better days, and it was about a week ago, before it changed it’s colour. Other breakfast options where not bad. Shakshuka tasted like shakshuka and fried eggs with turkish sausage were ok tasting as well. the portions were still tiny though. The last problem was the lack of toilet in the restaurant, which actually is illegal in Poland. There was no cutlery either. In Za’atar you have to eat with disposable forks. I guess they’re too lazy to wash normal cutlery. Not very eco-friendly, I must say. I definitely do not feel the need to come back there ever again.

Deal: If you order any breafast you get a free tea. I don’t know if it’s available on the weekends as well. Possibly.

Rating: 4/10


And that’s it for this blog post. Definitely not one of our best weeks. For now we’re done with cheap breakfasts since we’ve run out of new places to visit. If you know of any restaurants that we didn’t write about in any of our posts please let us know. We’re in desperate need of new, good and cheap breakfast options.

As always we leave you with a map of restaurants mentioned above.